Now offering telemedicine virtual appointments

Our office is open and we can evaluate patients in our office as some conditions may require a live visit. Due to the intensity of the COVID-19 virus and the recognized importance of minimizing in-person contact as much as possible, Dr. Vella is now offering new & existing patients telemedicine services. Please follow these steps to schedule and connect to your TeleVisit appointment:

TeleVisit Instructions

STEP 1: Call 602-393-4263 to schedule a TeleVisit appointment or schedule online. Our doctor and staff will help determine appropriateness for a TeleVisit.

STEP 2: Prior to appointment time – Go to the “Patient Info” tab to download and fill out forms, including the “Telemedicine” consent. Fax these forms to 602-393-2329 or send via secure email to

STEP 3: You will be sent an email with a link to a ZOOM conference call. Click on the link at the day and time of your appointment. Just click on this link at the time of your appointment and you will be connected with Dr.Vella.


  • Make sure you have a camera ready device. A cell phone with a camera or a desktop/laptop computer with a camera attached or embedded in the screen.
  • Ensure that your camera ready device has enabled permissions for webcam & sound/microphone.
  • Secure a private location so you and Dr. Vella can speak freely about your health.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection